Why Arkansas Tax Associates, Inc. (ATA)?

When was the last State audit in which your company was presented a statement of refund for overstated tax payments?

Through past experience while working with audit assessments, ATA, has observed errors resulting in the overpayment of Arkansas State and Local Taxes. The primary area of these errors is attributed to the human factors of our limited knowledge and skills in specialized areas. This is intensified by reliance upon the State\'s audit review for guidance.

ATA offers a service which is unique and not provided by accounting firms. State and Local Taxes have been a secondary concern where most involved have found their answers with state auditors and officials. The problem is state auditors are investigating for understatements, not overstatements of taxes. The staff of ATA has career training as ex-employees of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Field Audit, with over fifty years of tax auditing experience.

ATA specializes in the review of Arkansas State and Local Sales and Uses Taxes. We will work closely with and assist businesses in evaluating their procedures concerning the payment of State and Local Taxes. ATA will also assist in insuring that the fullest benefits are received from the exemptions and Incentive Programs. ATA will provide information to clients for current tax changes, and will keep clients apprised of significant information as it arises.

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