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David Rickman (email)
David Rickman received his bachelors degree in accounting from Arkansas State University in 1979. He begain his career with the State of Arkansas in 1979 as a Tax Auditor for the Department of Finance and Administration and remained there until his retirement in 1999 having completed 20 years of service. During his tenure with the State, he specialized in many areas of taxation: motor fuel tax, corporate income tax, gross receipts (sales) tax, and compensating use tax. Since his retirement, Mr. Rickman has chosen to use his accumulated and diverse knowledge as a Tax Auditor to benefit the taxpayers as a self-employed Tax Consultant. The focus of this tax consulting business is primarily on refunds of Sales and Use taxes and consultation work in related tax areas. This corporation has compiled a number of successes in securing refunds for clients.

Jeff Simmons (email)
Jeff Simmons graduated from Arkansas State University in December 1989 with a bachelors degree. He majored in accounting and minored in computer information systems. Immediately, he went to work for the Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Field Audit. He was appointed to The Governer's Quality Management Team for Field Audit where his suggestions were implemented into law. Also, Management of Field Audit selected Mr Simmons to train with the Internal Revenue Service and then to conduct workshops for other auditors in the latest approaches and/or undertakings that would be put into practice. Other specialized classes followed throughout Arkansas; and again, he would instruct auditors in the concepts he had acquired. Mr. Simmons worked with the State for approximately ten years where he was a top producer. He joined Arkansas Tax Associates, Inc. in October 1999 to perpetuate his successful career.

Ted Walker (email)
Ted graduated from Arkansas State University with a Masters of Business Administration in 1972. After graduation, Ted worked for ten years in private industry. He worked first in cost accounting and then became Manager of Financial Accounting for a very large valve manufacturing company in Houston, Texas. Upon returning to Arkansas, he went to work for the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration as a Senior Tax Auditor. During the next twenty-five years as a Senior Tax Auditor, Ted acquired substantial expertise in Arkansas Tax Laws, Regulations and Procedures. In addition to auditing Arkansas Taxes, Ted also audited within Arkansas Incentive Programs that are designed to promote industry expansion or relocation to Arkansas. In September of 2004, Ted joined the staff of Arkansas Tax Associates, Inc. to provide additional depth in services that can be provided to companies that plan to expand or relocate to Arkansas.

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